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Types of popular Javanes Traditional clothing and their peculiarity

Traditional clothing from West Java has its own popularity and specifics compared with other regions. Although it is still one region with Central Java and East Java. In fact, there are significant differences in terms of traditional clothing. Not only that, butthe language is different as well. Asun according to a sun, javanese, and even madurese.

Seeing these differences, sure  you’re not curious about who they are? Actually, in West Java or West Java, nearly all of the remaining ones are native to the Sundanese tribe. Unless there is a pendish angleestablished there for many years. It is known to be one of the most famous Indonesian tribes. No bra has high custom.

It’s wrong juice can be a lot of things to pass down from ancestors. Perhaps it can be evidence showing registration, temples, heritage objects and traditional clothing. Of all parties in Indonesia, it will definitely not be separate from the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. So models of all java regional clothing cannot be separated from the model.

Go deeper in the clothes from west java. There are several types of clothes we can use. It all depends on the social strategy, whether it is the upper, middle, and lower classes. It is natural that this kind of concept is because in the past, Indonesia has always been known to name the helmet division system.

Therefore, for those of you who are curious about this kind of traditional clothing from West Java, there is no need to worry because we will discuss everything that is popular here. Start from the clothes of the upper middle class, the middle class, and the lower class. Everything is definitely guaranteed to be complete so that this information needs to be definitely satisfied.

Maryaj Attire soti nan West Javanese Custom

Regardless of the clothes we   talked about the western traditional dress . She will definitely never escape the bridal event. This sacred event needs a special equipment so that a promise once every lifetime can last. Then what clothes are used often by indigenous people in the Sundanese tribe?

For the dress is called Sukapura, which must be familiar. The image of this shirt is pretty simple because the bride only wore a kebaya wrapped in white. Then the waist is bound by a colored gold belt. Coupled with a white shoe guide. Add a simple impression when compared to others.

It is much different from Central Java where the traditional clothes of the bride and groom are more complex. Back in the main topic, the bridegroom is required to wear a closed white dress. But the belt is used red. Symbolize the courage to take responsibility for all the problems that will come to an end in the future.

Then for shoes using place shoes white. She is always the same as the bride karen alas k akisymbolizing the head. Both carrying the weight of the stairs, hoping that the continuity of the marriage can last forever. How simple is not sukapura when compared to clothing from other regions fellow HUni Java islands.

West Java Dress Formal Event

Surely you already know that in West Java there is a search event for Mojan jejaka? Actually, it’s similar to Jasonarta looking for a fresh candidate any year. Everything is designed for real tourists. Develop a regional talent by seeking talented influencers. Became one of the goals he founded.

Mojang is a female candidate who sought to promote the wider area of Bandung. They will be clothed inscarlet, baby, bridge decorations as usual . MungkiWe drive, brooch, bracelet, necklace, etc. In this day and age, perhaps formal traditional clothing can be combined with a veil.

So there’s no need to use drive anymore because everything is more flexible. So what about Jejaka? Because the clothes are simpler. Only use a black suit or black suit. Wrapped in blue or red decorations on suit pockets adds  to the iniquity of this traditional West Javanese dress . There are also additional accessories that can be added.

For this equipment, it not only applies to the search event for mojan jejaka. It could be in a formal cultural performance, the inauguration of a building, and whatever it is. The point is used to display the characteristics of  the ja bar. Simple but elegant look is all its good features that can never be forgotten.

Traditional West Javanes Dress for The Conglomerates

For traditional clothes, this is all good used for certain circles only.  Regardless of the kingdom class that could be placed in their day, its use can be adjusted whether at official events or brides. Usually the long manufacturing process takes a lot of time so that the cost becomes expensive.

The design is already obviously more luxurious with glitter. Lots of money to make your helmetbuy. The impression of the aura is increasing so that it seems more authoritarian. Whether male or female is definitely more respected. For free women they want to wear kebaya, dress and even gas.

Then the edges are stitched with gold wire. This certainly adds its own iniquity. BIsaa has also added accessories such as bracelets, gold, necklaces, and rings. An elegant but elegant impression will definitely feature in her hand. Wearing that shirt will never go unnoticed to the audience.

What about The Men? For men usually use black suits. Most costume bludru gives the ride a more plentiful impression. For the price, don’t ask because it’s expensive. This dress pattern can also be used in the name of western Javanese traditional dress Sukapura. The impression of marriage is increasing .

West Javanese Dress for Medium and  Baleh

The traditional Dress West Java is a ancestors’ heritage. So until now it’s still using the cassette system. For the middle class, you can use a combination of free kebaya. It can come from backward fabric, salon, and so on. The combination of subordinates is also more flexible with the goal of superior aligned.

As for men. Usually wear a white top, then add a top, watch, gold, or other accessories.  Sedangkanso subordinates can wear pants and pants. Like those who wore pants, their hands wrapped in a bag. Give the impression of being simple, but still authoritarian.

Despite this, among this class, he can still wear gold and silver. But most of them use silver in order to save more. After all, the silver shade is still not the inferior gold rush. Just adjust it according to the needs of the user if you want to use gold or silver later.

Then, for the lower middle class, usually only allow them to wear simple clothing. If it had to be compared to the luxury aspect ofongoing clothing, it’s already much different. Forthe most part, the common man is wearing a piece of cloth and a leather belt. It’s still often worse by the wrong tribe and the lifestyle is exactly the same.

Although it seems simple, the quality presented from its philosophy is still very thick. How not because neko-neko doesn’t show an attitude to accept keadaan. To be clear, men wear sarong pong tied around their shoulders. Like the ancient uku-tribulation isn’t it? Then women wear simple kebaya.

With backend motifs decorated with fabric nails, luweng, and bracelet rings. It’s clear that the nuances will be of good quality thanks. How doyou understand about the quality of clothing from West Java? Overall, the designs of West Javanese’s traditional clothing are like that,  so make sure that knowledge can be useful in the future.

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